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The Board of Trustees of the Foundation, as well as its generous supporters, firmly believe in life free of fear and violence for LGBTQ+ individuals and invest their time, skills and resources to help those fleeing homophobia and persecution.

While there are quite a few prominent LGBTQ+ organizations that deal with bringing LGBTQ+ issues to the forefront of the political discourse in this country, there are few organizations in the United States dedicated to a growing problem of LGBTQ+ resettlement. As of today, there are several organizations that provide limited informational assistance to those who are persecuted abroad and seek asylum based on sexual orientation. However, in our opinion, resettlement entails to more than providing people with mere information, it is a complex process that involves creating a safety net, psychological support and counseling, medical and legal assistance, language courses and comprehensive social integration. We believe in a holistic and comprehensive approach to the issue of resettlement and dedicate our services to addressing these issues with our clients.

The Foundation is formally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit and tax exempt organization with the State of New York and the office of the New York Attorney General. No More Fear Foundation is LGBTQ+ operated.